Crisis Cash Flow Planning

Crisis Cash Flow Planning with Action Accountants

Fast and Effective Crisis Cash Flow Planning with Action Accountants, London

It is essential for businesses to produce a forecast to plan their growth in a meaningful way, to set goals and targets. They must identify funding requirements before they happen rather than react to circumstances when it’s too late. This is what makes planning essential and we help our clients with managing cash flow in a crisis. Cash Flow planning and management is just one of our comprehensive range of accountancy services that we offer clients.

Crisis Cash Flow Planning,

Crisis Cash Flow Planning to Support Our Customers During Covid 19

Covid-19 has affected us all, and the uncertainty of lower sales plus the same overhead costs plus stress of having to cope and survive the lack of Cash resources. Action Accountant, have been quick to deploy services to meet the fast changing needs of our clients, to help them both

weather the storm, and also plan for the post COVID-19 future.

1 We have started GAS, the Growth accountability and sales community to survive and prosper.

2 Cash Flow forecasts will be essential, to manage uncertainty we will be able to help not only forecast cash required.


3 Accurate Books and meaningful accounts to aid quicker and simpler decisions.

We want to help you in some way, so that all of us get stronger together as part of the business community.

  • Now that we have a handle for our working capital and how quickly we need cash plus use every Government incentive we can to bring cash in. Including deferring tax and VAT payments.
  • We can now, with some oxygen (cash) look to Future sales.
  • Can we re package our services and deliver them quicker. Can we make them cash positive.
  • What services, if any do we provide which our customers need to carry on in business and which are a luxury and not required.
  • What if any Marketing effort and costs can we afford to take.
  • We now have a realistic Marketing plan to put on top of our existing cash.
  • We monitor and measure our cash daily to ensure we meet our Plan or take action to recover. Key is to keep at it.

Checklist of Key Financial Actions

  • Review all your costs
  • Only carry those costs that are essential for survival, the rest stop.
  • Agree Payment plans with the costs you need to incur so that you make the payments on an agreed basis and reduce the Pressure
  • Next we will review our Accounts Receivable list and be honest, on collect-ability. We need to turn these amounts into cash without delay but have to fix a date and amounts to create a realistic cash flow Forecast
  • Next look at our Bank balance going forward and prepared with the revised cash flow go to the Bank and organise funds, if you think it is possible to survive.
Crisis Cash Flow Planning


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